Sunday, 12 December 2010

Last 2 Weeks (Stuart)

Been a really good last 2 weeks training wise last week ran 30 odd miles and this week was 7 days of sport running and cycling to work mon-fri parkrun on sat over snow and ice and 2 hours of football today feeling good after these 2 weeks. also had a really good meeting last week and following it up with a second tomorrow with what looks like a important member potentially of the team going to be interesting seeing what we can arrange tomorrow. waiting on hearing back from gooutdoors who say they may be able to provide some camping gear will be nice.

getting decent numbers following on twitter and opening up lots of new avenues for us for help advice and some handy contacts. all in all it has been a good couple of weeks. trying to blog more often so I remember all this stuff once we Finnish our trip.

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Dec update (Stuart)

Been a good week so far 32 miles ran legs feeling good finally injury free thank god been giving me bother for the last 2 months or more not helped by continuing to play football and train!!

Going for a run in the morning before playing 5s in the afternoon looking forward to getting out for an early run without finishing at my work! also with no backpack on so should feel light on my feet. sent out 40+ emails today seeing if any uni students or Edinburgh companies would have any interest in filming us while we train and/or on our trip. might be a decent opportunity for a student to hone sone photography and filming skills and also could be good for us to have some decent footage and photos of our training and maybe a chance to have our cycle documented and something we can look back on in the future. If not will settle for trying to film and capture what we can with the resources we have. tomorrow will start targeting small local companies to see if they can get involved and support us must be someone out there who fancies helping just need to find them. missing not being able to get out on the bike much but at the same time enjoying the running and good cardio, glad I'm keeping up the training as it's so easy to give it ip for the winter but don't want to get to next year and not be fit enough to complete our cycle. No football for a while winter well and trueley here but been a while since played 5s so looking forward to that. hopefully once the park runs are back on can get a decent time and a pb after all this running.

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Winter 2010 (Stuart)

Long time since last post so I'm going to wrap up the last few months into a few words! Married life is treating me well we had a great honeymoon in the Maldives and a really great day was nice to have all our friends and family together in one room. Welcome to the family Mrs Doyle

My training has improved and I feel much stronger and fitter than before. Over the last 2 weeks i have started running to work so getting 10k under my belt daily and this with football cycling(where possible in this weather) and weight training over the winter months i should see an improvement come Jan/Feb. We need to try where possible to get some distance on the bikes if possible either in the gym or ideally out on the roads but going to be tough with the worst conditions in 17 years out there.

We are arranging 2 events for next year to be our main fundraisers and they are coming along well we have had the go ahead to complete a world record attempt for the longest game of 5 aside football and are going to play a charity fundraiser against the hearts legends.

So all in all its going well we need to really push on and try to secure some sort of sponsorship i will try and sort something out this weekend. But with our events we might get some exposure and maybe people will be more inclined to help out.

Thursday, 4 November 2010

congratulations stu and ella (Chris)

Attended stuart and ella's wedding monday past. After a few years engaged they have finally done the deed. Well Done! was a cracking day. Ella looked beautiful. You're a lucky man stu! The Ceremony was carried out in the same room/building as Steve and narda's last year. Thankfully the rain held off until later so the photographer managed to get sum guid photos. Cant wait to see them. Its fair to say the whole day went without a hitch. Ate and drank a fair amount but eased off a tad when the southern  posse rocked up about 7pm. Really guid laff. no disco dancing until later on though once me, rich, mal and suz headed off to....forget its name. George Street sumwhere. Opal Lounge thats it. was dead. Still danced though. Coulda easily went hame after we got turfed out of the wedding reception but mal dragged me along. I can well imagine they are having a superb time on the honeymoon in the maldives. Lucky so and so's.

.....But not long until my own holiday. A week on Tuesday. Canny wait! Text from ma to say weather scorching which is good to hear. Take a winter tan ha ha.

Now the football update. In short Edinburgh Southern still unbeaten. Another convincing win last sunday - 12-2 against mid-tablers and the much inconsistent/hard to predict Stables FC.  Goals galore so good to get that tally up. Shouldnt have conceded 2 though. Canny grumble much i guess. Lister the star of the show with a 4 goal haul. Did bag another fine header myself. Niccceeee. Didnt play particularly well. Cup game this week. Be a tough one. Espesh with Stu away and malcy out injured.  Think its an afternoon KO which is a tad annoying.

Still no main sponsor for the cycle trip. Stu has been working hard trying to organise a football game against the hearts legends. Hopefully that will happen in march 2011. Sounds like a goer.

Wednesday, 20 October 2010


yep injured LCL strain but still probably going to play football on Sunday biggest game of the season can hopefully extend our lead at top of the table.

not been able to train much recently have broke down a few tine with this fan knee injury so not ideal but still plenty of time till we leave, won't be helped much by my honeymoon coming up 10 days in the Maldives I can't wait it's going to be awsome place we are staying looks out of this world. very excited about the wedding is going to be a great day. although the stag doo is first and that will be feking superb fun, nice and low key and not going anywhere dressed as a baby that's for sure!!

not much else on my mind friend over for dinner tonight and a couple more on Thursday will be fun oh and champs league tonight thinking inter 2 spurs 0 etoo with one if not both one a pen other a header.

all good generally just can't wait to shake off this injury hope I don't make it worse playing this weekend!! all about the winning

mon the southern

Sunday, 17 October 2010

hatrick hero! (Chris)

Its been way too long since i last blogged. a good few weeks anyway. wil not leave it so long till next time.

Anyhoo, as the title hints at, I did indeed manage to bag a hatrick in todays latest Edinburgh Southern outing. we won 5-1 against the league whippping boys meadowbank. Colin lister and gaz moyes geting in on the act with a heavy touch of contrroversy surrounding gaz moyes "ghost goal".  To explain, basically he headed wide. keeper took the buy kick and then the ref said he'd given a goal. Cue many a puzzled face from the southern side and a few facial expressions that screamed WTF?!?! from meadowbank. Thankfully the goal stood. However, us being not only the leagues best team and indeed leaders, but also a pretty sporting bunch, we decided to let them score one to bring it back to level pegging. Not happy myself but i guess it was only fair. But really ill take any bit of good fortune in this league. not gonna pass up that gift of a goal as ye never know when it could go against us. Still won the match easy enuff. Now, more about that hatrick! goal 1 - tap in rebound from marco rossi edge of the box strike. goal 2 - headed (which i do always enjoy!) into the postage stamp from lister stand up cross. and to complete the trick named hat, goal 3 comes straight from a corner. Jurassic park! Yeehaw. Wind probably helped a tad mind. my first competitve treble and i made sure i blooming enjoyed it by celebrating like a total over excited little boy waking up on xmas morning.  Other notable match incidents included: Rich almost scoring with 1st touch after coming on then hitting the post with an outrageous overhead kick, numerous folk missing no fewer than 4 first half headed chances, myself missing 2 sitters, stevie woods (really a GK) coming on to play up front and causing them a few probs. watch out lister and gaz, he'll be after a start next game!).  Needless to say a pretty interesting spectacle!

Went round to see steve, narda and lil cullen kain earlier. He is very cute indeed. Still never havin kids mind. Just happened to be up that way as had gone to the cinema and then subsequently left early as was falling asleep. Was fine as soon as I got outside tho. Thats it though, ive given all these kids 3D films more than enuff chances. Im not seeing anymore. Todays offering was Despicable Me which i didnt know much about to be fair and was totally sleep deprived from last nite. And the dark cinema dont exaclty help with trying to stay awake but it was not good. Think ive only really left the cinema early 3 or 4 times. Waste of the afternoon that was, so worked out handy steve was in and could pop round there for a wee visit.

Still no concrete sponsor for our bike trip. British Gas still sound well interested but we'll see. Suz seems to have a few irons in the fire regarding getting some gear from them through a couple of similar charity type events that are happening with them. Think they are getting sum gear and there might be talk of us getting a bit ourselves which of course would be most welcome.

Could noooooo sleep at all last nite. Reckon i got about 2 hours kip max. Dunno why. Well was quite excited about the football today so that accounted for my lying awake until maybe 1am but after that.....just totally ricidulous. Was so wide awake practically all night. Not any fun at all. Got well agitated. Even tried to have a game on the mega drive to kill some time but that doesnt seem to be working. Missing some sorta lead me thinks. Tad annoying.

Congratulations Stu on passing your driving test! Well done. Good to get that out the way as its only gonna get tougher to pass and definately more expensive.

Been looking at getting maself a new tele. About time I upgraded from the eyesore that currently provides my entertainment. Dont reckon ill get wan as cheap as i thought i might tho. Always want summat for cheap me!! Hopefully get a 24incher for about 150 bones. Xmas not actually that far way i suppose. And then Jan sales. Maybe i should hang off.

Which reminds me.... how good The Hangover is. Started watching that online earlier. So damn funny. Think the directors / Zach Galifianakis new comedy vehicle Due Date might be pretty good having seen a new trailer for it. Be nae Hangover mind but i dont expect it to be either. Cant possibly be.

Purchased a tik for Mogwai in early Feb 2011 at the Picture house. So looking forward to that. Never seen them live. Hopefully kev or Fairs will tag along. Im just hoping they play sum of the Zidane film soundtrack! They wont tho. Interpol to come before that in Novemeber. Zat will be awesome.


Sunday, 10 October 2010

Top Of The League (Stuart)

So the mighty Edinburgh Southern climb back to the top of the league with a game in hand. top of the league na na na na na top of the league na na na na na

Been training hard this week been in the gym on the bikes and back on the weights feeling stronger as the weeks go think have finally got rid of niggling knee injury thankfully. back in the gym tomorrow few hours on the not very comfortable gym bike seats. will be good to get the miles in over winter in the gym when the weather gets worse the gym being free is also a huge bonus! 3 weeks till I'm on holiday again so going to work hard before then to keep the fitness up. not going to be able to train together in nov due to holidays so good to put in big shifts this month.

feeling good looking good